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Rainforest Pendant Necklace

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Xtinctio - Necklace This Etruscan pendant is hand made in Italy by a 3rd generation goldsmith and engraved with the word "Rainforest" on green enamel.  The pendant hangs on a sterling silver necklace and represents your commitment to protecting the critically endangered rainforest habitat.  Our partner in Rainforest Conservation is The Rainforest Trust.   Xtinctio donates 50% of all profits to organizations that protect the most endangered species on earth and their habitats in this age of extinction.

Xtinctio - For The Survival Of The Species -

  • Weight .16 oz - 4.4 g
  • Necklace,  19'' long
  • Pendant White Bronze Hand Made in Italy.
  • Necklace 925 sterling silver with "Survival of Species" logo tag
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  • International shipping available
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